Livolo Wechselschalter - Modul

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Livolo Wall Light Switch Module VL-C702SR VL-C702S
Livolo Luxury Crystal Glass Switch Panel, EU Standard,110~250V Touch Screen Wall Light Switch VL-C702R-11 WhiteVL-C702R-12 Black

Livolo Switches
Mechanische Lebensdauer 100,000 Times of operation
Max. Spannung 250V
Max. Strom 5A
Dimession 71mm ⨯ 71mm ⨯ 34mm
Modelnummer VL-C701S No-Remote VL-C701SR Remote
Gesamte Nennlastung 1000W
Betriebsumfeld 30~70 centigrade; less than 95% RH
Selbstverbrauchte Leistung Less than 0.1mW
Funktion 1 Gang 2 Ways Wall Light Switch Touch Module
Garantie 2 Years

This is only the functionality which makes the switch able to be controlled remotely!

Buy here the remote control if required !!!